Must Read Books To Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is one of the hottest topic of today’s world and definitely for future. In order to stay ahead in competition, it it must to grasp the basic knowledge of this. So, we bring to you the list of Top books to learn Digital Marketing from beginner to advance that you must read.

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Now, our list goes like this.

#1 – This Is Marketing

Seth Godin Top books to learn digital marketing

At the top, the Financial Times Book Of The Month,  #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller, New York Times Best Seller, this book has inspired entrepreneurs, marketers and leaders. A very easy to read. This book talks more about principles than tools, a very different approach to marketing and its elements.

Seth Godin also talks about 5 steps of effecting marketing. It is not a book for people looking for shortcuts, instead, it is for people who look to serve others, to build community. This book is also one of my personal recommendation.

Author – Seth Godin

Amazon Rating – 4.5/5.0

GoodReads Rating – 4.05/5.0

Published – 2019

#2 – Marketing 4.0

MArketing Top books to learn digital marketing

A book by the Father of Modern Marketing. This book helps you understand the paradox of marketing, influential digital subcultures, online Vs offline. This books helps understand the importance of connectivity in marketing, why Hi-Tech is becoming new indifferentiation.

It helps us understand the new model of 5 A’s –Aware, Appeal, Act, Ask & Advocate. If you want to grow your business in today’s era of connectivity, this book is for you.

Author – Hermawan Kartajaya, Philip Kotler and Iwan Setiawan

Amazon Rating – 4.4/5.0

GoodReads Rating – 4.20/5.0

Published – 2016

#3 – The New Rules Of Marketing & PR

New RUles

This book offers single best resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, non-profit managers as well as for those working as marketers and looking to build a marketing and PR strategy to grow any business.

A great guide to marketing & PR, with real life examples, an ultimate guide to social media trends and tools, future of marketing with examples and case studies.

Author – David Meerman Scott

Amazon Rating – 4.3/5.0

GoodReads Rating – 3.88/5.0

Published – 2015

#4 – Understanding Digital Marketing


This book takes you through the past, present and future of digital marketing. It helps you understand how to ace the capabilities and the power of digital media and make most out of it for your business and succeed, in a very comprehensive manner.

A must read for entrepreneurs who wants to transform their business digitally.

Author – Damian Ryan, Calvin Jones

Amazon Rating – 4.2/5.0

GoodReads Rating – 3.08/5.0

Published – 2008

5 – Digital Minds : 12 Things Every Business Needs To Know About Digital Marketing

DigitalMinds Top books to learn digital marketing

A book by WSI, Digital Minds brings industry-proven approach to help your business with great expertise and strategies, mainly on content marketing, social media, responsive web design, SEO, display advertising, email marketing and more.

This book helps you with acing these trends, your business can catch up speed and stay ahead of the competition.

Author – WSI

Amazon Rating – 4.2/5.0

GoodReads Rating – 3.46/5.0

Published – 2013

#6 – The Art Of Digital Marketing

The Art

This book help you crack the ‘CODE’ of Digital Marketing, with comprehensive guide along with innovative approach. It takes you through the ways of reaching out, engaging with and serving the empowered customers.

This books help you understand the effective ways of running successful business campaigns with customer centric approach.

Author – Ian Dodson

Amazon Rating – 4.1/5.0

GoodReads Rating – 3.76/5.0

Published – 2016

#7 – Fundamental Of Digital Marketing


This book is comprehensive, provide industry relevant framework for Digital Marketing, underlines practically oriented Digital Marketing model (ASCOR Framework).

A detailed approach to digital transformation, from E-Marketing to Digital marketing, this book definitely fulfills the need of management students as well as media professionals, marketing managers, brand marketers, budding entrepreneurs and even individuals seeking to create a personal brand online.

Author – Puneet Singh Bhatia

Amazon Rating – 3.8/5.0

GoodReads Rating – 5.0/5.0

Published – 2017

At the end, I hope above list of top #7 books to learn Digital Marketing help you in learning Digital Marketing from the beginning to advance level, and also help you stay a step ahead of competition.

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