How Only 5 Min. Of Daily Motivation Helps You Keep Hustling

There are lots of stages in life where people feel demotivated, struggle to focus of their ultimate goals, feels like giving upon everything and let it go. COVID 19 and lockdown situation is no different. But, how to stop these situations to dominate the will power of oneself and stay focused and motivated. Being an entrepreneur, you may come across a situation where you are about to give up and need ultimate motivation. Let’s see how only 5 min. of daily motivation helps you keep hustling for entrepreneur and get going and can actually make a huge difference to life in longer run.

We all know that sometimes small things makes huge differences, but only few of us experienced it.

There are many phases in our lives where we get so much upset and frustrated the we actually think of giving up on everything we are into and go to mountains and never look back to our problems. Right?

It would be a wonder if we can do that but not quite possible, kinda unrealistic stuff.

What we actually try to do is to escape or probably a quick escape from all our problems. Escape from the thing that are holding you back.

Entrepreneur Motivation

Sometime we do try to get motivation by reading success stories, motivational video or probably reading motivational quotes. These things do help you and motivates you, but, for how long?  Few weeks?  Few months?

We get energized and motivated for some time and again after few weeks or a month, into same situation, and the cycle goes on.

So, what we actually need is a solution that helps you in a longer run. A solution to break this cycle. A solution that will definitely going to help you get going each day, month and years to come.

What it all requires is 2-5 minutes of your daily time.

Here’s the crux.

The only thing you have to or should do is to watch, read or listen to at least one motivational video, quote or song/conversation every day for 2-5 minutes( you can skip days but try to be consistent with this activity and do it regularly).

A two step process. Simple.

Step 1 – Find Your Quick Motivation Factor :

One of the important thing to point out here is that the source of motivation varies from people to people. It could be different for entrepreneurs and something else for others.

Some find motivation in movies or short videos, while other gets motivated reading success stories or books.

What i am trying to say here is that you first need to find your short source of ultimate motivation, and make sure that is not too long(does not takes more than 5 minutes) to go through.

It could be a short motivational video or a strong motivational quote or probably a few words from successful people. It could be a short interview or anything which hype you utterly and motivates you immensely. Find that thing and start.

Here’s one of my all time motivational video that i watch every morning regularly and it helped me a lot. I hope you like it.(Source : YouTube – Ben Lionel Scott)

Step 2 – Do The Way It Works For You :

Once you are ready with your ultimate little motivational source, start going through it every morning, in simple terms, start your day with that little motivation.

Do it regularly for at least one week without skipping( Kinda mandatory stuff).

Do this regularly until you can easily imagine/remember or visualize your motivational stuff easily with closed eyes.

At this stage, your then don’t need to watch or read that motivation, just close your eyes and visualize, do it right after waking up in the morning. Make it a habit for another one week.

Entrepreneur Motivation

One you done with doing this for couple of weeks, you will automatically start doing it regularly and it eventually will become a major part of your morning routine and part of your daily morning exercise.

When you reach at this point, you will start observing positive changes on daily basis. For entrepreneur, having motivation on dily basis will immensely help you get going and hustling.

The Positive Effect Of Motivation :

A little motivation everyday really helps you grow day by day, week by week and you will start pushing your limits and feel productive with each day passes.

There will not be any gateway for being depressed, stressed or being exhausted. Specially for entrepreneurs.

Also, you will feel being more focused toward your work and goals. Starting your day with positive note and a 5 minutes of motivation helps you start strong, energized and motivated all day.

Eliminating all the distractions around you and observing only positive frames.

If you are looking for some amazing and highly motivational quotes from some great leaders and peoples, then you must read “ Top #27 Entrepreneur Inspirational & Motivational Quotes Of All Time “.

So, i would personally recommend this activity to all the people who feel demotivated very often and not able to focus on what they do. I have tried this activity personally and it worked for me.

Even if you feel that you are quite focused towards your goals and do not need any such motivational activity, then i would also suggest you to try this activity. This will definitely add some positives to your daily life and activities.

Entrepreneur Motivation

I hope this article “How Only 5 Min. Of Daily Motivation Helps You Keep Hustling For Entrepreneur” will help you get continuous motivation and keeps you get going and reward you success in longer run going forward.

Do comment your feedback and thoughts about how this activity helped you or helping you.

Lets spread positivity in everyone’s life, but first, the process starts with you. Keep going and keep hustling.



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