7 best online business ideas

Online business is one of the most looked after things across the web in recent past and its at its heights today. So, we bring you the Top #7 best online business ideas in 2021 that will definitely earn you money at the comfort of your home. Stay tuned.

Many entrepreneurs are now shifting towards online business to be able to follow their passions which even a pandemic like COVID-19 cannot affect.

As we saw most of offline businesses are severely affected by pandemic and lockdown situation, majority are now planning to move or start business online.

Those who want to start their business are now looking for some of the best online business ideas that they can start with.

Here’s the list of Best Online Business Ideas That Will Definitely Help You Earn :

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Expert
  • Online Personal Consultation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Starting Your Own Blog
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Online Coaching or Teaching
  • Content Writing or E-Book Writing

1 – Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Expert :

Online Business Ideas, Business, business ideas, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Expert

SEO(Search Engine Optimization is now one of the hottest trends across the web as thousands of bloggers and content creators are looking for help from SEO experts to optimize their content on various search engine platforms like Google Bing etc, organically.

To appear organically at the top of search result page on popular search engines like google not only became more competitive but also more challenging.

As the internet and access to web is growing, SEO is now more competitive and lucrative thing. You can easily start SEO business and help struggling content creator to reach and optimize their content.

Also and more importantly, you can easy monetize this business and start your own online marketing and blogging business, going forward.

2 – Online Personal Consultation :

Online Business Ideas, Business, business ideas, Online Personal Consultation

In today’s distressed and hectic lifestyle, everyday millions of people search on internet and try to find someone who can help them. Someone who can consult them on various topics such as health & Fitness, managing business or even managing lifestyle.

Personal consultation business is easy to start and profitable business with comparatively less investment as you are using the knowledge that you already possess.

If you are expert or have good knowledge on any topic such as health & Fitness, managing business or others, you can easily start with this. Personal consultation in any category is very lucrative business to start with.

It will be a bit challenging at first but you need to focus on creating your value at the beginning. Once people start finding values in your inputs and believe you can actually help them, they will pay you good amount of money and you keep on growing. So, remember : Value First.

3 – Affiliate Marketing :

Online Business Ideas, Business, business ideas, Affiliate Marketing

With over 4.5 Billion internet user around the world, Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest and growing trends in online business.

Affiliate Marketing is simply when a content creator promotes product and businesses on its platform which brings in new customers and product sales, in the transaction, the content creator gets some part of the total value of money involved, in the form of commission.

Simply, more products you sell, more commission you get. Believe me, many people work part time as an affiliate marketer and earn stable income which is more than an average full time employee.

If you have a blog or a YouTube channel with good online presence and audience, then 90% of the work is alredy done.

And if not, start today, it will take some time(6 – 9 months) to make your online presence and capture some audience, then you are all set to start your affiliate marketing business. Potential is unlimited.

4 – Starting Your Own Blog :

Online Business Ideas, Business, business ideas, Starting Your Own Blog

Many people stat blogging when they see others doing well and earning using their blog, but it need some time and patience to make it a success, that’s the reason many couldn’t continue as they see no growth during initial days.

Starting you own blog is pretty easy these days. For longer term, it is important to start a blog as a professional and consider it as a business from the very start.

Find your niche on which you are interested in and can write about, get a domain name, a good hosting provider and a decent WordPress theme and technically you are all set to start. But remember, you will only succeed if you publish quality content.

In blogging, content is the key. It usually takes 6-9 months for your blog to get noticed online.

There are various ways to monetize your blog once it get some decent audience. Some of the ways of monetizing is through Google Ad Sense, Affiliate Marketing, selling eBooks, selling your own product or services through subscription. So, start today.

5 – Facebook Advertising :

Online Business Ideas, Business, business ideas, Facebook Advertising

If you are someone who love to be on social media and spend decent time on social media platforms like Facebook, then you must consider learning Facebook Advertising and start earning.

As Facebook is growing with large number of people signing up each day, it is one of the best platform for companies to advertise their product and service and reach more potential customers.

Learning Facebook Advertising is not a time taking thing and you can learn it very quickly with some dedication.

Here are some of the resources to learn Facebook Advertising :

Get Started With Advertising from Facebook Blueprint.

Facebook Ads Training Course: How to Build from HubSpot Academy.

6 – Online Coaching or Teaching :

Online Business Ideas, Business, business ideas, Online Coaching or Teaching

Everything is now digital today, then why left the education behind. If you have some good knowledge on a particular subject or you are a teacher who is looking to earn some money from the knowledge you possess, the you should start this as a business.

You can create a website or a YouTube channel to start teaching the subject you love. 

Even if you are interested in entrepreneurship business, you can start business coaching and help those who are struggling with their business or looking to start.

Being a online coach is one of the lucrative and best online business ideas to start with

7 – Content Writing or E-Book Writing :

Online Business Ideas, Business, business ideas,Content Writing or E-Book Writing

If you love to write about any specific topic or have expertise in any subject, then you can be a content writer and write articles for others.

There is huge scope being a content writer as there is no limit on number of articles you write. You get paid on the number of words you write. The more you write, the more you earn.

Secondly, you can produce your own e-book on any subject you have expertise on, whether it is business, finance, entrepreneurship, physics or any other topic. So, start today.

The Conclusion :

Its always a good idea to earn at the comfort of your home. Your business is always safe when its online.

As we saw a pandemic like COVID-19, which destroyed lots of offline businesses, so, those who are now thinking to start their own business are now shifting to start it online.

So, i hope our Top #7 Best Online Business Ideas in 2021 will help you decide what suits you and what you are going to start next and earn online.

Please share your feedback about this article and also mention which online business idea you like the most to start with in 2021. Cheers!


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