Programming Language in 2020

Programming is one of the most important factor when it comes to working in software industry with top notch tech giants. So, we have prepared a list of Top #7 Programming Language in 2021 that you should learn to be future ready.

To be a successful programmer, you need to have expertise and skillets in at least one of the programming language.

So, to help you out , after doing a research and considering the ranking of these programming language on various platforms, we have listed down top #7 programming language which are highly demanding in software and tech industry and will make you future ready.

Our list goes like this.

#1 – Python

Python Top #7 programming language in 2020

As obvious, at the top of our list of Top #7 Programming Language In 2021, Python Programming Language. According to google trends in the last 5 years and also according to PYPL Index, it is the #1 most popular programming language. An open sources, interpreted, object oriented programming language.

It is easy to use, general purpose programming language. If you are looking to make career as a data science professional, python is for you.

Key Pointers :

  • It is a beginner friendly, simple, easy to use, read and write, specially for people who are not a professional software engineers.
  • A well suited language for Data Science, Machine Learning(ML), AI project, GUI development, web development and data analysis.
  • Google, YouTube, Quora, Instagram, Dropbox and many more popular platform is build on Python.
  • With Frameworks like DJango, Flask and Pyramid, easily integrated with Java, C and C++ and also has cross browser and platform support.
  • You can land up in popular companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix and Paytm, among others.
  • Since Python is an open source, with over 1 Million repositories on GitHub.
  • it has a huge community brightest and motivated developers out there.
  • Annual Package – $120000/Annam.

#2 – JavaScript

Javascript Top #7 programming language in 2020

The most popular language among web developers, JavaScript is object oriented scripting language. It can be use for both back end and Front end, dynamic web development. A cross Platform Language which is used to create small scale game and web applications.

Key Pointers :

  • With framework like NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue.Js and Meteor.
  • It can be used with other languages like Pearl and PHP.
  • You can land up in Tech Startups and popular tech Companies like Google, Accenture, JP Morgan SAP and Facebook, among others.
  • With large user community, it has more than 600000+ repositories on GitHub.
  • Annual Package – $113000/Annum.

#3 – Java


It it one of most commonly learn and popular programming language with huge number of jobs and acceptance. It overcomes the drawback of C and C++ with a better memory management and security. A big player in Internet Of Things and Connect device markets.

Key Pointers :

  • A Robust programming language
  • A High Performance programming language with number of frameworks such as Spring, Struts and Hibernate.
  • It has a wide Developer community with over 1 Million repositories in GitHub
  • With skill in Java, you can land up in companies like Oracle, IBM, Wipro, HP, Cognizant, among others.
  • Annual Package – $114000/Annum.

#4 – GoLang


A language developed by a tech giant Google itself in 2007. It is faster as compared to any other programming language. With build-in systems, It comes up with less common features like Concurrency, among other programming languages. It can be used for carious purposes starting from ML(Machine Learning) to Web development.

Key Pointers :

  • It contribute to programming productivity and provide better memory management than C & C++.
  • A highly scalable programming language with frameworks like REVEl and BEEGO
  • With skill in Java, you can land up in companies like Cisco, Amazon, Springboard, TEK Systems,  among others.
  • Despite being new in the market, it has a good community with over 110000 repositories on GitHub.
  • Annual Package – $165000/Annum.

#5 – C Programming Language

C Top #7 programming language in 2020

C is one of the oldest programming languages and also known as mother of all programming languages. It is general purpose programming language. It is simple, easy to learn powerful and widely used programming language. With learning C, it makes it easier for you to learn other programming languages such as C++, Java and C#. Many of the modern programming languages are based out of C.

Key Pointers :

  • An efficient, reliable, high performing and highly functional programming language.
  • With learning C, it makes it easier for you to learn other programming languages such as C++, Java and C#.
  • Applications like Spotify and Ebay are one of the applications developed using C.
  • With skill in C, you can land up in companies like Wipro, Huawei, HP, among others.
  • C has over 9 Million  repositories on GitHub.
  • Annual Package – $114000/Annum.

#6 – C ++ Programming Language


If you are a student and looking to ace fundamental of programming languages, the C++ is must for you. C++is majorly used by competitive programmers because it is stability. C and C++ are mostly similar to each other. It is mainly used for Game development, System programming, IoT and real-time-systems, embedded and distributed systems.

Key Pointers :

  • It ensures faster execution of program as compared to other programming languages.
  • A popular language for multi-device and multi-platform for application development.
  • Some of the major application developed on C++ are Adobe and Oracle, among others.
  • It comes with STL-Standard Template Library, a ready to use pool of libraries for various operations & algorithms and offers low level of abstraction.
  • C++ has over 114000+  repositories on GitHub.
  • Annual Package – $114000/Annum.

#7 – PHP


At last, the language which is around for quite a some time now. An interpreted open source language, it is widely used for dynamic and data heavy web and application development. Around 81 % of the website on internet use PHP for server side programming. A simple, fast and platform independent language.

Key Pointers :

  • PHP has frameworks such as CakePHP, Larvel, Symfony and Phalcon.
  • Websites like Yahoo, Facebook and Wikipedia are developed using PHP.
  • With skill in PHP, you can land up in major companies like Microsoft, Infosys, HCL, Oracle and Motorola, among others.
  • With a very large and dedicated user community, PHP has over 520000+  repositories on Github.
  • Annual Package – $100000/Annum.

As our list ends here, We hope that you find our this list of ‘ Top #7 Programming Language in 2021 ‘ that you should learn’ helpful. There are some other popular programming language you can consider, like C#, Kotlin, Swift and Dart.

We hope that this list helps in shaping your future in tech industry.

Happy Learning. Stay tuned. Cheers!


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