Howdy, Startups may fail but entrepreneurs not. Absolutely! If you are a bit demotivated or struggling with your fear of failure, then this post may help you recover some confidence in you and motivate you in some extent. Stay tuned.

21st Century is the Century of Innovations. The “Young Innovations”, followed by Startups and great ideas behind them. Amazingly true.

If we talk about India only, it has 3rd largest startup ecosystem with Bengaluru as the epicenter from where most of the start-ups born each day, 3-5 in numbers, followed by New Delhi.

The Question?

If you are a student or a working professional, i can surely say that you must have thought of starting your own thing at some point of time, if not, then you must have discussed with your friend about starting a business in collaboration. Isn’t it?

Then You are not the only one. Almost 80% of the population have thought of this.

But the biggest question  is “How Many of them actually dare to start up?”

The answer to this Question is a bit disappointing, “Very few”.

“ When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue.”
– Josh James, co-founder and CEO Omniture

Answer To Why?

All it need is Guts and courage to take Risks. And that’s what a real entrepreneur is all about.

There may be thousands of Hurdles in the path of entrepreneurship, but Successful entrepreneur always look up to the FINISH line.

The Successful Failure

Now, Let’s talk about the failure. It seems harsh but a real facts behind the Start-ups is “Out of total number of Start-ups in the World , 90 % of them FAIL “

Yes, that’s TRUE. Above fact may prevent many entrepreneurs to even dare to think about Starting their own Venture and eventually, they end up being at the back seat.

But if we look at the other Positive side, then, what happened to the 90% Start-ups founders s who Failed?  “That’s the most Important Question to Answer” and the answer is ” Learning. learning from Failure and achieve success again. And that’s what i call it as The successful failure.

No doubt that Failed entrepreneurs are the Leaders of Future World. They Won the Game Even after Failing.     

They Persist the ability to lead from the front and the courage to take risks and dare to fail. They don’t let their fear of failure to overpower their dreams and independence.

They may fail multiple times, but at the end, they came out as winner and set an example for all the non-believers to peruse their dream.

Your Takeaway

So, if you are dreaming to be an successful entrepreneur, then get yourself a bit confidence, have some Courage and Ready to rule the world.

There are many thing around the world to get yourself inspired. So always try to look for it.

There are many Successful Leaders in the world who failed multiple times and overcame it and survived The Successful Failure “ and always remember to “Never Give Up” and be ready to rule the world and be inspiration to others

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

There are lots of stories around, about the people who failed, got up next day and tried and made history. Also, i will be covering success and failed stories of unknown entrepreneurs in our Motivational Corner section, which i think will immensely help you get your motivation, inspiration and enthusiasm back on track and peruse your dreams.

I hope this article ‘Startups May Fail But Entrepreneurs Not’ will help you get some motivation. Also, if you want to read more on motivation and fear of failure, then you must read our article ‘ What Is Fear Of Failure & How To Overcome It ‘ to get all your answers.

So, stay motivated, keep hustling and i am sure you would hit the bulls eye one day.



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