Best Technologies To Manage Small Businesses And Grow Successfully

In the last decade, we saw how technology has somewhat impacted our lives, whether it is with smartphones, E-commerce, online learning or ease of customer reach for business. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the #best technologies to manage small business.

“By end of 2020, it is estimated that more than 50 Billion smart devices will be collecting and analyzing data.”

That’s huge in numbers.

But even after such advancements and modernization in technology, lots of small business and non-tech start-ups, who just stepped into the industry and trying to create their value and establish themselves, are mainly not aware of some of the coolest ways to leverage technology to make their business grow, much faster that usual.

There are some amazing tools and technology which you, as a small business owner can use, which were previously available to, and affordable by the big business giants.

#1 – A Website

The first and the fundamental requirement to help your business grow and increase customer reach, is to have a website.

One of the questions that generally arises is : My business doesn’t transact online or don’t have to do anything being online, do i still need a website?

The answer is always a big YES!. Irrespective of whether your business transact online or not.

Lots of small business who doesn’t transact online believe that they don’t need a website or have online presence. That’s a huge setback for you business growth.

Having a website is an easiest way to get most out of technology, to put your best face forward, establish your credibility and let people find you online. This is the single most important and one of the #best technologies to manage small business.

Many people search online, whether it it for reviews or services you provide, before actually reaching out to your business.

Having a website is pretty easy these days. Getting your website up and running is fairly economical today. There are many companies who provides tools and services and enable you to set up your website quickly and easily. So, having a website for your business is must.

#2 – Social Media & Engagements

Social media these days is one of the hottest medium to showcase your business and services.

Having more than 1 Billion active users, social media is a great way for small businesses to get their name a recognition. With presence on social media, you can easily run a business campaign, post videos & photos of your product & services, so that people can see.

It is a really powerful tool for small business and easy to adapt. If implemented properly & effectively, it has a great potential for high return on investment for small businesses.

“ Target those social media channels, where most of your customers are, don’t look for a channel you are comfortable with. Simply, follow your customers.”

For small business, having a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn is imperative.

#3 – Financial & Accounting Software

Having accounting software is one of the ways to cut your cost of investment in business. It is really helpful and important to keep the record of your cash flow, what are the trends, the profitability, your expenses, how your revenue is performing and looks like.

It is imperative for a small business to manage their numbers effectively, understanding the numbers and have control over finances contributes to be successful.

Some of the good Financial and accounting software are Tally.ERP 9, QuickBooks India, Zoho Books, Marg ERP 9+, among others.

So, all n all, a good financial software will help you analyse and handle your finances & numbers, and consequently, your success.

#4 – Project Management Software

Project management software is one of the important aspect of business, specially for those who have multiple departments and projects under their umbrella.

Having a project management software, you can easily keep an eye on various projects in one go. It help you in organizing tasks and associated resources, keep track of your goals for each project and progress.

Some good project management software you can conider as a small business is HRMantra , Paymo, Jira,, among others.

So, with a good a project management software, you would be able to manage your business, clients, project and resources, easily and simply.

#5 – Marketing Automation For Small Business :

One of the key concerns for small businesses, who are still in a race to establish themselves as a big name and their brand in the market, marketing automation software is one of the greatest and easiest way to be closer to your target audience & customers, to engage with your potential customers in real time, to understand customer behavior and interests.

Whether it is an E-mail marketing, social media marketing or website dialogue through real time Chats.

To have one on one dialogue with your customers is one of the powerful technological approach that a small businesses can use and drive its growth.              

Some of the good marketing automation software you can consider are SendX, SEMrush, SendinBlue, Cartsguru, among others.

So, to conclude, if you have just started with your business or looking to manage your business with some good use of technology & tools, these software will definitely help you getting through most of the challenges and reach your goals.

The above list is specially helpful for those businesses who doesn’t have a good inclination towards technology.

For those businesses who have tech savvy people or management, there are some of the great advanced technology they can implement, such as establishing a cloud infrastructure for speed and security, Big Data, among others.

Also, if your are looking for some good small business ideas to start with, then you must read this article on #Best Small Business Ideas In 2020 .

At last, i hope you found this article on ‘ #best technologies to manage small business‘ helpful for some of the aspects of your business. Stay tunes and keep businessing.



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