The Basics Of Marketing And What You Must Know Before Even Starting

Marketing is one of the areas which has the potential to change the course of business, whether it is small or large, well known or unknown, success or failure. So, is its important to know the basics of marketing and what you must know before even starting.

The Definition of marketing kept on changing with time and it is still changing while you read this post.

So let’s discuss some of the key aspects of marketing and how you can learn and cope up with its fast changing pace.

The Universal Definition :

When we talk about marketing, especially in today’s AI enabled technological world, we came across a lot of things like Door-to-Door marketing, internet marketing, word of mouth, diversity, campaign, transnational marketing, relationship marketing or Digital Marketing.

But when you are a starter and thinking of starting a business or wants to be a marketing professional, what you should be aware of at the very start is the basics.

Marketing is only about letting people know you are selling their products. That’s it. Nothing much.

Learning :

” Remember, the basics, marketing is only about letting people know about your products. That’s it. Everything above this is add-on. “

The Basics Of Marketing : Explained

Now as you know the basic definition of marketing, let’s explore some more on it. Are you ready?, Let’s start.

So, “Marketing” is a continuous term, it keeps on changing and evolving over time. What does continuous means, in context of marketing?

Think for a second before further reading and try comparing your answer.

“Marketing” and “Continuous” are soul mates, and yes lovers too. Without continuous, the term marketing is just “Market”, a present term, only. Market is something which you can only define, not control but, on the other hand, marketing is something which you can control, not define. Isn’t it interesting?.

You need to keep letting people know that you are selling their products, products that are relevant to their lives and needs, product that have the potential to make people’s life easy. It absolutely continuous, unstoppable.

Learning :

” Remember, there is very thin hair like difference between the Market and Marketing “

That’s the crux. You need to understand this difference before anything else, the basics. Sticking to basics is always a good option.

Everyone Is A Marketer, Even You :

Again, the basics, Who is marketer? Try figuring out before moving further, and yes, do compare your answer.

Let’s pen this down. First things first, I would like to congratulate you for being a marketer. Cheers!. Amazed?. Let me explain.

You must have given an interview at some point of time in you life, if you are a professional, a company interview, if College student, placement or internship interview or if in school, probably admission interview with parents.

If “letting people know you are selling their products” is marketing, then the one who let them know is a marketer. The guy standing outside a shop, trying to attract people by shouting about his product, is a marketer. The vendors moving around streets selling fruits, vegetables or anything, is a marketer Are they a professional marketer?.

No. There is only one thing that differentiate between a professional marketer such as Marketing manager or Marketing head of a company, is the later knows how to cope up with the evolution of the term marketing. They learn to get along with the latest trends of marketing, and of course, they have to.

Learning :

” Remember, you need to be in pace with the evolution of this term ‘Marketing’, to be efficient marketer. “

The Conclusion :

At last, have you noticed one thing while reading this post?. I didn’t use the words related to business/selling along with marketing. The reason is, there is a huge difference.

Marketing is independent of Business/sales, but later is totally dependent on marketing. Be crystal clear about this, no confusion. i would be writing about this on my upcoming articles.

So, Ask yourself a question, how good marketer are you?. Try to do analysis on yourself. If you have cracked an interview or if you are able to attract customers to your shop or clients to your company, i would consider you a good, potential marketer, an efficient one.

And i hope you found this article ‘Basics of marketing and what you must know before even starting‘ useful. Please do comment your feedback.



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