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After looking across web and research on most popular web series that you should watch to get a taste of entrepreneurship and some insights of start-up world, we have prepared a list of top #7 must watch web series on entrepreneurship of all time that you cannot afford to miss.

These Web/TV series will definitely help you get motivated and inculcate a sense of inspiration. Our list goes like this :


TVF PITCHERS Web series On Entrepreneurship

At the top, the story of four young wannabe entrepreneurs, who eventually quit their decent jobs and step up into the Start-up world to begin their entrepreneurial journey. This web series is a must watch for all the aspiring entrepreneurs to get a taste of challenges and various situations during entrepreneurial journey.

IMDB Rating – 9.5

Total Seasons – 1

No of episodes – 5

Released Network – TVF Play

Genres – Comedy Drama

Main Cast & Characters – Naveen Kasturia as ‘ Naveen Bansal’, Jitendra Kumar as  Jitendra Maheshwari (Jitu)’, Arunabh Kumar as ‘Yogendra Kumar (Yogi)’ and Abhay Mahajan as ‘saurabh Mandal’

First Released – 5 June 2015

#2 – Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley Web series On Entrepreneurship

This is an American comedy TV series, a story of Silicon Valley engineer & programmer, Richard Hendricks. This series brilliantly showcase the struggle of Richard Hendricks who is trying to build his own start-up called Pied Piper. A good presentation of Silicon Valley culture and how start-up struggles with direct competition from well established entities.

IMDB Rating – 8.5

Total Seasons – 6

No of episodes – 53

Release on network – HBO(Home Box Office)

Genres – Comedy

Main Cast & Character – Thomas Middleditch as ‘Richard Hendricks’

First Release – April’2014

#3 – How I Made My Millions

How i made my Millions

An American web series, that talks about real life challenges of aspiring and passionate entrepreneurs and how they struggles to bring the idea and convert it into a huge business with their efforts and hard work.

IMDB Rating – 8.4

Total Seasons – 1

Total Episodes – 12

Released On Network – CNBC

Genres – Biography

Main Cast & Character –  Tyler Mathisen as self

First Release – 9 January 2009

#4 – Billions


An American television drama, about a fund manager and chuck Rhodes, a United States Attorney, who goes after the fund manager and attempts to prosecute the fund manager as he gain high reputation, wealth and power in the world of finance using his strategy and tactics to secure huge investment returns, crossing illegal acts.

IMDB Rating – 8.4

Total Seasons – 5

No of Episodes – 55

Released on Network – Showtime

Genres – Drama

Main Cast & Characters – Paul Gimatti as “Chuck RHodes”, Dmian Lewis as “Robert(Bobby) Axelord”, Maggie Siff as “Wendy Rhodes”, Malin Akerman as “Lara Axelrod:, Toby Leonard Moore as ” Bryan Connerty”, David Costabile as “Mike(Wags) Wagner”, Condola Rashad as “Kate Sacker”, Asia Kate DIllon as “Taylor Amber Mason”, Jeffrey DeMunn as “Charles RHodes”, Kelly AuCoin ” as Bill Stearn(Dollar).

First Release – 17 January 2017

#5 – The Profit

The Profit

An American reality TV show, presented in documentary style, where Marcus Leamonis, a successful businessman help small struggling businesses with his knowledge and his own capital investment, in exchange of ownership stake in the companies.

IMDB Rating – 8.3

Total Seasons – 7

No of episodes – 72

Released on Network – CNBC

Genres – Reality Show (Documentary Style)

Main Cast & Character – Marcus Lemonis (Self Host)

First Release – 30 July 2013

#6 – Start-Up


Start-up an American web TV drama, crime and thriller, showcasing how a craving banker, a gang lord and a hacker forced to work together unwillingly, a totally unfit tech entrepreneurs, trying to create their own version of American dream.

IMDB Rating – 8.0

Total Seasons – 3

No of Episodes – 30

Released on Network – Crackle

Genres – Drama, Crime, Thriller

Main Cast & Character – Adam Brody as “Nick Talman”, Edi Gathegi as “Ronald Dacey”, Otmara Marrero as “Izzy Morales”, Martin Freeman as “Phil Rask”, Ron Perlman as “Wes Chandler”, Addison Timlin as “Mara Chandler”, Mira8 Sorvino as “Mara Chandler”.

First Release – 6 September’2016

#7 – Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American reality television series where entrepreneurs showcase their business ideas or products in front of investors or “Sharks” and try to convince them to invest in their business.

IMDB Rating – 7.6

Total Seasons – 11

No Of episodes – 246

Released on network – ABC (American Broadcasting Company)

Genres – Reality Show

The Main “Shark” Panel – Kevin O’leary, Barbara Corcoran, Daymond John, Robert Herjavec, Kevin Harrington, Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner

First Release – August’9, 2009

There are many television and web series that you can watch, but the above list is made totally based on the rating and reviews on various platforms. And we hope that our list of Top #7 must watch Web series on entrepreneurship will help you inspire as an entrepreneur

If you have any suggestions or anything you want to convey, you can reach out to us anytime. Thank you for reading. happy watching!



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